Respect is an important value that everyone needs to learn. But teaching respect to children can be a difficult process, and many parents struggle with this issue. Luckily, there are some things that parents can do to improve their child’s level of respect, and one of them happens to be martial arts. Below we are […]

Park Home hero imageB ATA 280x190 Good Friends Are Good for Your Health! From ATA Online

  It turns out that friendships are not only good for emotional well-being, but also for physical health.  Studies show that friendship can help keep your brain healthy, reduce anxiety and stress, and boost your immune system. Looking for the fountain of youth? A study published by Personal Relationships in 2017, surveyed more than 280,000 people across […]

Vision “Your Vision Determines Where You Go In Life!”

We say: “Your Vision Determines Where You Go In Life!” Possessing vision means having the ability to create and effectively communicate a picture of the future that builds on a realistic understanding of the present. An Effectively Communicated Vision: Creates a meaningful purpose Inspires Passion and Interest Guides Decision Making and Strategy Conveys Values Is […]