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This is FREE community event! Join us, Saturday, September 15, 2018, for a day full of youth safety and self-defense classes for children ages 3-16 and we will also have high intensity martial arts training for teenagers and adults. It will take place at our Scotch Plains academy, 375 Park Ave. Check out the above […]

  If your children are not active, they will be faced with complications such as obesity and other health related problems. Martial arts make it easy for children to engage in different activities which are aimed at improving their lifestyles. Nowadays many people have turned to video games. The games make children spend several hours […]

leadership 480x320 1 280x190 Martial Arts Will Bring Out The Best Of You No Matter Personality!

Martial Arts is Known For Its Efficiency Martial Arts will help you to discover your body’s natural rhythm and the ways to make them much more effective. To achieve this, you will be taught body weight techniques. Its that time of the year again. The cold of winter has made your body unfit and you […]