If your children are not active, they will be faced with complications such as obesity and other health related problems. Martial arts make it easy for children to engage in different activities which are aimed at improving their lifestyles. Nowadays many people have turned to video games. The games make children spend several hours […]

With all the challenges that come with the change in the systems and the different kind of upbringing, you cannot fail to recognize the benefits that come with martial arts. A teacher, for instance, is expected to be strengthened in all aspects of their health, fitness, and mind. They ought to be well armed to […]

SPECIAL EVENT: Black Belt Boot Camp! The Black Belt Boot Camp will be held at the school on Saturday March 17th from 9AM-4PM.  A Level Up Seminar for all eligible candidates will be held after the camp from 4PM-5PM. Catered Lunch will be included with camp registration. This is a specialized training camp for all black belts, and students […]