Developing Integrity Through Martial Arts

Martial Arts Instructor Developing Integrity Through Martial Arts

Integrity means always doing what is right. Learning to have integrity and using it in very aspect of your life is a very important part of living life as a martial artist.

Integrity means having a firm adherence to a code of values and acting in accordance with your principles.  It also means using honesty, keeping your word and speaking the truth.

Integrity in Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts teaches different applicable aspects of integrity, whether it be consistently working hard at martial arts classes, or making sure every student is using good manners and using courteous language, such as “Yes, sir,” and “Yes, ma’am,” and doing your best techniques even when Instructors aren’t looking. Teaching students that being honest to gain trust, and to build better relationships is essential to training.

Like many life skills, integrity is a character trait, something that reveals your true self; forming the basis of both trust and respect.  And I think you’d agree: Without other people’s trust and respect, there isn’t much you can accomplish in this world!  No person is an island.  That’s why integrity is so important to your success, both in and out of our academy.

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