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      Martial Arts Can Help Stop Bullying As parents, we all know the dangers of bullying. While school systems across the country are actively engaging this problem, sadly it continues. Luckily, ther are some things that you can do to bring bullying to an end. By teaching your child to recognize bullying and standing up for […]

    • Integrity means always doing what is right. Learning to have integrity and using it in very aspect of your life is a very important part of living life as a martial artist. Integrity means having a firm adherence to a code of values and acting in accordance with your principles.  It also means using honesty, […]

    • There are times where we find ourselves for a loss of words or worse we say the wrong thing. The following article is a great read that talks about those who study any type of martial art is more likely to have a more intelligent response than if they did not have a background in […]

    • taekwondo history 400x225 The Origins of the Art: The History of Taekwondo

      A Korean martial art, Taekwondo is a combination of self-defense and combat skills. It is used as a form of defense and makes use of the whole body. It includes skillful application of techniques like dodges, blocks, kicks, and punches. For Taekwondo masters, the art is more than just a way to defend themselves-it is […]

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