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Goals and the importance of focus

A typical child can never focus on a sole task and that is because of their inherently less attention span. Children will do a dozen different things within a span of an hour. This trait is quite natural. A child finds the world around him or her extremely interesting and wants to experience anything new […]

Martial Arts Can Help Stop Bullying

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Martial Arts Can Help Stop Bullying As parents, we all know the dangers of bullying. While school systems across the country are actively engaging this problem, sadly it continues. Luckily, ther are some things that you can do to bring bullying to an end. By teaching your child to recognize bullying and standing up for […]

Bullying and its effects

Bullying affects everyone- from the person being bullied, to the person doing the crime and to those who silently witness such tactics. This activity is associated with a number of negative outcomes. It has a marked impact on substance abuse, suicide, and mental health. And that is why it is extremely important to ask children […]