Martial Arts on Improving Respect

Family Martial Arts on Improving Respect

Martial art is a traditional method of training your body, spirit, and mind to act like one. During this training, your trainees learn key principles such as courtesy, confidence, and self-defense. Most importantly, the main principle underlying all other principles in a martial art is the principle of respect. The instructor commands respect through his wisdom, knowledge, and deeds, leads by example and gives guidance and advice. If you want your kids to lead an upright life, read more on how martial art improves respect and how you should advocate for it.

A disciplined environment

Martial arts dojos are formal environments where discipline is maintained, not only by the students but also by the instructor. The first thing students do after entering the room is to bow to the instructor and their peers. Bowing indicates that they are ready to put their focus on training. This makes them pick up on how to respect their elders and their peers in the society. Additionally, martial arts encourage discipline. Trainees are taught on how to control movement, continue training despite being tired, and to hold back force, all of which require discipline. Showing respect necessitates discipline. Your kids are taught on how to keep calm and behave respectfully towards their elders and peers regardless of frustrations.

Engaging with others

It is not easy to get along with others without challenges. People must have respect to lead a harmonious life with others. When your kids are in a martial class, they interact with peers and instructors regardless of the differences. Training is at times frustrating, and lack of discipline and respect can lead to outbursts. Given that instructors cannot stand poor behaviors, trainees are forced to develop respect and discipline which is reflected later in their lives. During training, trainees are taught on how to work with others despite making mistakes, in order to improve their skills. Your kids can be knocked down, and the same person who knocked them will help them to rise, and this signifies mutual respect.


Just like the way mistakes are common in life, trainees make mistakes during martial art training and lose the match, and must accept. People are talented differently, and therefore, humility is crucial during training. Humbleness is part of being respectful, and those kids who are humble to their peers during training respect other people in various aspects of life. In martial art classrooms, trainees are taught on how to be disciplined and humble, which help them to learn more about respect. The level of respect they have determines how successful they become, not only in the dojo but also in life.

How martial art helps you or your kid

Becoming more active

At this time and age, obesity and overweight is a serious health problem. Kids are becoming affected because they spend most of their times indoors playing video games and watching television. Most schools have implemented youth sports, and physical education (PE) programs for the kids, but not every kid would enjoy being part of them. The best solution for keeping your kid active is through martial arts training programs, where they become fit and learn self-respect.

Finding focus and stillness

Bruce Lee, an expert in kung fu once stated that behind the kicks, punches, and knees, a true martial artist would learn how to sit with himself and examine the onset of his own weaknesses. Enrolling your kids in martial art training programs will help in growth and development. Trainees understand that life is not a bed of roses and they will face challenges which they must remain firm to overcome. Martial artists examine where their weaknesses are, and how to overcome them. This makes them remain focused and succeed, not only in the dojos but their entire lives.

Maintenance of balance and posture

Balance and posture is an important skill that every child should learn. Poor posture is associated with unhealthy bodily expressions such as improper breathing and cramped organs. Martial arts help your kid to build strong balance, balanced movement, and healthy postures through the use of appropriate drills and forms.

Martial arts programs are important in today’s life, not only for the kids but also to the teens and adults. The objective of the programs is to promote positive behavior on and off the training mat. The training is conducted in a respectful manner which has an effect on the trainees and teaches them on how to approach different people and situations in life. The students are taught on how to respect their elders, peers, and themselves. Respecting themselves and others during training in martial arts helps the trainees to develop a sense of respect in other areas such as social interaction with peers, at home and school.

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