Black Belt Boot Camp Slide SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Black Belt Boot Camp

SPECIAL EVENT: Black Belt Boot Camp!

The Black Belt Boot Camp will be held at the school on Saturday March 17th from 9AM-4PM.  A Level Up Seminar for all eligible candidates will be held after the camp from 4PM-5PM. Catered Lunch will be included with camp registration.

This is a specialized training camp for all black belts, and students eligible to test for black belt in June. The camp will be taught by the high ranking black belts of Park Karate, Bayonne Karate, and Scotch Plains ATA.

• If you want to be a Champion in Sparring (or get a LOT better at sparring…) – You’ll learn how to land attacks before anyone can see you coming!
• If you want to be a Champion in Forms (or just get a LOT better at forms…) – This is the seminar that will take you over the top – making each individual technique come alive!
• If you want to make your overall ATA Taekwondo Even Better – Just…Don’t Miss It!

Registration for camp is available using our online link, or at the front desk. Legacy Students attending the level up seminar afterwards must register at the front desk.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your instructor.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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