Why Teachers Should Be Martial Artists

With all the challenges that come with the change in the systems and the different kind of upbringing, you cannot fail to recognize the benefits that come with martial arts. A teacher, for instance, is expected to be strengthened in all aspects of their health, fitness, and mind. They ought to be well armed to protect themselves as well as others. Martial arts instill self-confidence and discipline. These are the core values necessary for an effective teacher.

How Do The Martial Arts Make A Valuable Teacher?

There is much more than instilling values and knowledge as a teacher. Understanding your responsibilities well and looking at the means of achieving them is the key thing. Martial arts is a long kept secret to an effective teacher. The following are some of the ways in which martial arts nurture a valuable teacher.

Risk Assessment and Situation Awareness

The teacher should always be alert in a manner that they can identify any risk if it occurs. Martial arts bestow mental toughness and focus to individuals. With a well-tuned mind, it becomes very easy for the teachers to assess risk. Martial arts classes demands for mental and physical focus that allows the teacher to have things done. This allows the kids to feel secure and safe around you.
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Emotional and Reactionary Control

Emotional endurance is one of a key requirement for a valuable teacher. This is perfectly gained through martial arts. You are able to listen carefully, as the martial arts trainees must be keen and reason with the instructors. When this is inculcated in a teacher, they cannot be insensitive to the behaviors of the kids. This skill is necessary for everyday living and teacher-students interactions. With the increased endurance, there is the ability to react calm and giving the students time to express themselves. Martial arts also allows teachers to have an objective kind of reasoning and a sense of considering others because of the teamwork element inculcated during the training.


This is among the many qualities that make a valuable teacher. A teacher must be on point when it comes to holding people accountable. Since they handle different kinds of minds with different abilities, they assign a role to those who are in the capacity to do it. Martial arts increases self-discipline and therefore the teacher is able to extend the same. Most of the martial arts activities demand the team work

Discipline to meet what needs to be accomplished

Discipline is very important in any profession. People must have a clear understanding of their roles and what they need to accomplish. Martial arts come with a lot of discipline as it teaches a sense of responsibility, accountability and goal setting. The teacher is, therefore, accountable to the students and they are therefore able to hold the high standards set by the curriculum in order to have a positive feedback. Goal setting comes with a lot of discipline; the teachers are able to set goals and deadlines for the completion of the objectives. The discipline gained through martial arts allows the teachers to meet the set deadlines, celebrate the achievements and make changes where necessary. This becomes a trend till the teacher is in a position to meet all the personal as well as the institution’s goals and objectives.

Fitness for the assigned responsibilities

Being fit for a task gives you the pleasure of completing it. Unfit body and mind can be a major challenge when it comes to teaching. Martial arts helps to increase the metabolism rate. This increases the endurance of the body. The teacher is able to eat well and still maintain a high fitness level. Teachers need the animal-like flexibility developed through martial art as sometimes they are required to run after the kids especially during the outside activities. All this physical and mental balance allows you to have positive energy and good mood.

Protective nature

Kids need to feel secure when around their teacher. The teachers should take charge and ensure that the kids are secure. They should also be in a position to protect themselves as well as others. The focus and the unshakable self-confidence allow you to protect yourself and those around you. This enables the teacher to handle the daily challenges.

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