The Best Habits to Develop Better Self-Discipline

The Best Habits to Develop Better Self-Discipline

The first Life Skill of the cycle is Discipline – which is convenient for starting off a new year because we need Discipline to actually go through with our resolutions and goals that we set at the beginning of the year. 

Many of us struggle with self-discipline because it usually requires a great deal of effort. Here are self-discipline tips gathered from several articles…

  • Start with small goals.
  • Get inspiration from what you want to achieve from those who you admire and learn what they do to stay disciplined.
  • Make sure the goals you set are clear and achievable.
  • Know your WHY. Why is it important to you to achieve this goal?
  • Figure out what motivates you.
  • Visualize what changes will take place.
  • Understand that this will be a transformation process and may not be perfect right away.
  • Tell yourself you will achieve your goals no matter what.
  • It’s time to plan. Decide on what your daily routine will be to make sure you take a step toward your goal every day.
  • Manage and plan out your time well. Don’t overwhelm yourself.
  • Keep your routine consistent and challenging.
  • Don’t argue with the plan.
  • COMMIT to having better self-discipline.
  • Take away the bad temptations and habits.
  • Track your progress EVERY DAY.
  • Surround yourself with others who are self-disciplined and working towards their own goals.
  • You can’t achieve much if your brain isn’t functioning well. Let it rest by getting enough sleep.
  • Remember that every day matters.
  • Find joy in putting in hard work.
  • If you mess up, forgive yourself and move on. Get up and try again!
  • Reward yourself! The journey to achieving your goals and learning self-discipline along the way is TOUGH. You may not want to go through that journey again unless you get rewarded for going through it the first time.


Everyone is wired differently so some of these tips may help you and some may not. I encourage you to try all of them out just to see what works for you and build off of it! 

ATA Martial Arts is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and cheering you on along the way. Need some encouragement to stay disciplined? Ask your instructor or fellow students to keep you accountable and remind you of your why.

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