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  • Overcoming Shyness

    How do we help someone through being super shy? 1. We connect. We have an instructor get on their level & connect. ⭐ 2. We give them a safe environment. That environment is the ecosystem to grow the seed of confidence. ⭐ 3. Micro accomplishments. Daily achievements start to build the character that begins to shine through shyness. ⭐ This recipe works at home for parents too... even though we'd love to have all of you at the academy. 😅 —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATA Park Karate was founded in 1990 in Roselle Park, NJ, by 8th-degree black belt, Chief Master ....

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  • The Confidence to Shut Down Bullies

    If you have watched the ‘80s film ‘The Karate Kid’ or its 2010 remake, there are many life lessons to be learned, key among them about firmly facing bullies. The film charts the story of a teenager who learns to fight bullies with the help of karate. As the film portrays, karate and other forms of martial art can help a kid build confidence and stay prepared to handle bullies. Contrary to popular perception, learning a form of martial arts does not make a kid combative; instead, practicing karate helps a kid feel strong and safe. Role play to hone self-defense skills Among other things, karate can teach children to anticipate trouble. Much of karate training is ....

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  • How Kids’ Karate Teaches Discipline

    Parents bring their children to our unique program for various reasons. Our Martial Arts programs motivate and lead youngsters to slim down, improve their body image, and increase self-esteem. Martial Arts bolsters their self-worth and helps them learn to become opinion leaders, resist bullying, and have confidence in themselves. Most importantly to some parents, our children’s program is a fun and effective means of teaching better self-discipline. Studying Martial Arts is hard work for anyone. Steady improvement requires pushing one’s self to surpass previous boundaries, whether physical, mental, or otherwise. Our Karate program for kids is an excellent means ....

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  • Sportsmanship in Kids and Teens

    It's not about teaching our kids how to handle success, it's about teaching our kids how to handle how to come back from being unsuccessful at something. In martial arts we lose.... we lose a lot. We lose so much that we start to understand how to win. This building process through failure in a safe environment is what shapes the "winning attitude" in our next generation of young leaders. Has your child ever been a "sore loser"....?The even tougher question, have you ever been a "sore loser"....? The cure to this is very simple. Lose more and get good at it. 😉 Which do you think is more important? Learning how to win or learning how to lose? ....

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  • Character Development for Kids through Karate/Taekwondo

    Have you ever heard of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)? Simply put this is any type of extreme emotional or stressful situation a child goes through during the early to teen stages of development. Which is pretty much what all of our kiddos experienced during the last eighteen months. Loss of social interaction Losing loved ones Parents losing jobs The list goes on... These types of events in a young person's life can make an irreversible impact. ..... One of the best things we can do for our up-and-coming generation is to put them into an environment that's positive, encouraging, empowering, and intentionally made to develop character. ..... At ATA Park Karate, in ....

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  • Martial Arts vs Children & Video Games

    Would you rather have your kids on video games or interact with real people? 🤔 Did you know that video games trigger dopamine receptors in a child's brain? That's right..... the same receptors as any other addictive substance would trigger. Did you know that's why kids throw a tantrum if you try to pull them off the games? It's a form of withdrawal. That's why we believe so highly in martial arts. Rather than being dependent on a device.... we actually teach the kiddos the healthy way of developing a way to feel good. Through challenge, human interaction, and perseverance we show them how amazing it is to live a positive life through personal growth. 💪 ....

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  • Routine after Summer Break

    Parent obstacle tip. "How will I get my child back into their routine after summer break?" We love this obstacle. What's the answer....? It's simple: Kids definitely need a break, just like us parents. However, they still need a structured routine as well. If we stayed home from work for a week, we'd still have plenty of responsibilities as well. Kiddos are the same, just on a smaller more age-appropriate spectrum. Rather than let them veg out completely, layer in fun and "work' throughout their day. Chores✅ Play✅ Chores✅ Family time✅ Play✅ Bedtime routine✅ Using this layering method you can keep them focused on growth and not have any trouble getting them back ....

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  • Kids and Teens Mental Health

    Mental Health 🗣 With all the craziness in the world, this topic is definitely not talked about enough. 🤐 Imagine if subjects like anxiety coping skills, depression, and stress management were talked about and regularly taught to our kids. We may not be doctors, however, many studies show having a positive nurturing environment with healthy outlets has a massive effect on the brain and the chemicals it produces. Being social. Exercising. Achieving. Growth. All these things create a positive mental outlook for the world.... especially when faced with adversity. We're not saying you have to enroll in Karate, Taekwondo, or any other martial art. We're saying, keep mental ....

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  • Connecting with your Child through Martial Arts

    Have you ever wanted to have a higher connection with your children? Have you ever thought about training in martial arts with them? Karate, Taekwondo, etc.? You'd actually get to learn and master the same techniques as your kids. Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual. It's mostly us just making mistakes and doing our best to lead by example. There's no better way than getting out there on the mat and experiencing the same obstacles as your child and showing them how YOU overcome them. Hey... That alone is worth every penny you'd invest in classes. ....

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  • Three Tips on How to Help Create a "Kidpreneur"

    Three tips on how to help create a "kidpreneur". 🎯 One skill absolutely necessary in the life of an entrepreneur in critical thinking. The ability to think outside the box. 📦 In every obstacle, there's always a solution, as long as you have the ability to see it. Three tips to get started: 1. Start early: there's never a better time than now to develop those brain muscles. 2. Encourage questions: rather than jump to answer everything for the little ones, encourage questions to help them discover the answer themselves. 3. Teach open-mindedness: lead by example on this one, and always keep an open mind to new ideas. ....

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