2021 Tournament Information

2021 Tournament Information

Happy New Year Everyone!
Thankfully, 2020 is behind us 😊 and 2021 is on its way to give us all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  With that in mind, I wanted to give everyone an update on what to expect regarding tournaments and the tournament experience this year.  I will try to keep it in a simple, easy to read format that you will be able to use as a reference.
Finishing the 2019-2020 Season with Districts and Tournament of Champions (TOC)
Competitors who qualified for either the Districts, for color belts and black belts, or the TOC at Worlds will have an opportunity to compete for their titles in the summer of 2021.  Most of the District Championships are to be held in June 2021.  All the information we currently have is online.  This includes all the date, site, and hotel information that we have at this time.  If you are not sure of how to look up your district, please click here which will direct you to the Districts webpage. 

  • There are 2 districts, plus Canada on which we are waiting to put out information.  We are anticipating them to be held in June of 2021, but the plan is not yet finalized.  The website will give you the latest information and updates on the districts that have not yet confirmed their date/site.
  • Eligible competitors will compete in the same age/rank division in which they qualified regardless of their current rank/age at the time of the championship competition. 
General Information:
  1. The 2021-2022 season will be an extended season.  The season began January 1, 2021 and will extend until May 2, 2022. 
    1. Points for Class-C tournaments held after April 15, 2020 and before April 15, 2022 will count towards a competitor’s total point standings. 
    2. Even though the season has been expanded, a competitor still only be able to count their best 3 Class-C tournaments.
  2. All sanctioned Regional/National/World tournaments will offer both contact and non-contact events.  This includes team events.
  3. Updates on all tournaments can be found online under the Tournament Schedule of the official website here. (See Below)
Currently Scheduled Tournaments
One can see all currently scheduled Regional, District, National, and World tournaments by going to the official ATA International website by typing www.ataonline.com in your browser. Once you are on the website, just follow these steps:
  • Click on the MENU button in the upper left-hand corner
  • Look under the TOURNAMENTS column (second from the left)
  • Select TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE from the list

This list will provide you with the most up to date information concerning all tournaments.

Live/In-Person Tournaments
The 2021-2022 season has begun. There are several Regions ready for live/in person tournament competition to begin. This is fantastic news. See section Tournament Safety Protocols for the guidelines that are mandatory for all events.
Regional events are being scheduled every day.  You can find the latest information on all dates, locations and status of the event on the website under Tournament Schedule here or talk to your instructor to get more information on a tournament near you.
  • 2021 DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIPS (for the 2019-2020 season)
The 2021 District Championships website has the most up to date information for each district. We are finalizing the information for the North and Northwest districts plus are planning to add Canada. Once information has been finalized, we will update the website. Click here to access the webpage for information for each district such as dates, venue and hotel information.
We've announced that we are pushing Spring Nationals to a later date. We have officially confirmed a new date with the venue and the event will now take place May 12-15, 2021. We are updating our website with this new information. You may view the schedule and register for competition here.

If you made a room reservation at the Venetian Hotel, they will automatically move your current reservations to the new date so nothing else will be required for you to do.

For those who have already registered for competition, rank or midterm testing, or a training seminar - your registration fees will be transferred to the new dates.
  • 2021 WORLDS
Make plans to join us in Phoenix, Arizona for the World Championship 2021 Tournament.  The dates are July 27 -  August 1, 2021.  The Phoenix Convention Center located at 100 North 3rd St. in Phoenix, AZ will be the place to meet and enjoy the fellowship of licensees and students. Make sure to check out our website for hotel information and as we upload more information here.           
Tournament Safety Protocols
The ATA is dedicated to providing safe environments for all persons in attendance. My department strives to ensure that tournaments are always held as safely as possible.  All events will comply with COVID-19 safety protocols established by the venue, as well as with federal, state and local regulations and guidelines. Please understand, however, that this is a fluid undertaking, and some areas of the country may have more guidelines than others. Until further notice, all sanctioned ATA tournaments will follow the protocols listed below:
  1. Appropriate facemasks must be worn by every person in attendance at an ATA sanctioned event.  This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Competitors*
    2. Spectators
    3. Staff
    4. Seniors in attendance
*Competitors, they may remove their mask while they are actively performing in a non-contact event, meaning they are on their spot in the center of the ring. While competing in contact events, they must either be wearing their headgear with face shield or wearing a facemask if they remove their headgear. All others in attendance must continually wear their facemask. 
  1. Seating at these events must be in such a manner that demonstrates proper social distancing.
  2. Judges chairs and equipment will be sanitized before turning it over to a new judging crew.

ATA Virtual Tournament League
Can't make it to a live/in-person tournament or want to prepare for your next tournament? The ATA Virtual Tournament League is a great way to experience the excitement of a national event and test your skills against martial artists across the world, from the comfort of your home! Get your competition face on and register for Season 2 of the ATA Virtual Tournament League!

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