Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness

How do we help someone through being super shy? 1. We connect. We have an instructor get on their level & connect. ⭐ 2. We give them a safe environment. That environment is the ecosystem to grow the seed of confidence. ⭐ 3. Micro accomplishments. Daily achievements start to build the character that begins to shine through shyness. ⭐ This recipe works at home for parents too... even though we'd love to have all of you at the academy. 😅



ATA Park Karate was founded in 1990 in Roselle Park, NJ, by 8th-degree black belt, Chief Master Vincent Raimondi. The school has received an Ambassador Award as one of the top five academies in the country.

All three of our locations offer a variety of programs, for preschool children ages 3-6, and elementary ages children 7 and up, as well as teen and adult training. All programs incorporate physical fitness, self-defense, and traditional Songahm Taekwondo, taught with a focus on life skills, all in a supportive, positive environment.

Under Chief Master Raimondi, our schools are dedicated to creating tomorrow’s leaders- one black belt at a time.

For more information, call us at any one of our 3 schools. You can also visit our website at parkkarate.com.

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