Why Learning Self Defense techniques is Important for your Child

Why Learning Self Defense techniques is Important for your Child

“Mommy, John hit me while on the school bus.” Or “Mommy, I want to be like Po from Kung Fu Panda.”

These and many other questions have bombarded parents of young children over the past few years. For example, the first question tries to highlight a bullying incident while the second one shows the admiration and yearning a child has towards learning martial arts.

Regardless of the reason, children should learn self defense techniques. Not only will they be prepared against attacks and bullying but they will have skills which will enable them to fight off abductors. Furthermore, they will gain the much needed exercise finally eliminating a sedentary lifestyle.

In this article, we discuss more reasons why your child should learn self defense techniques.

Learn how to deescalate a situation

Bullying has been around for so many years even the parents of today experienced it when they were young. Problem is today the intensity of bullying has been on the rise. In some cases, not only have other kids bullied others using words but they have gone to the extent of being suspects in their murder. No parent wants to lose their kid just because another kid was not taught manners and how to handle problems.

In case of a bullying incident, it is common for kids to defend themselves. They end up fighting each other which will result in injuries. Furthermore, it will escalate the situation and result in more fights in the future and away from the school.

Students who have attended self defense classes have been taught how to deescalate a situation. Instead of attacking the offender, they end up talking themselves out of the situation. This is achieved by calming the attacker and explaining to them that they don’t need to engage in combat.

Self preservation

There are many self defense classes. In these classes, children may learn one of the following: karate, tae kwon do, judo, jujitsu, aikido, kung fu, T’ai chi and krav maga. Each of these classes incorporates different movements which is great for your child’s body. For example, in karate they will learn self development using kicks and punches. As a result, your child will be able to make quick and sharp actions.

On the other hand, judo is competitive and will teach your child how to throw an attacker using balance and leverage. This will allow them to learn respect, self preservation and self protection techniques.

Improves the development of your child’s body

As said earlier, self defense classes teach children self preservation and self protection. As a result, your child will develop strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. In order to achieve this, your child must attend all the self defense classes, learn keenly all that is taught by the master as well as practice what is taught.

Unlike cardio workout where you may need the use of a machine, self defense classes help with the development of cardio vascular strength and stamina through movement. This is great as it allows your child to exercise.

Self discipline

Enrolling your child in a self defense class has the positive effect of improving your child’s self discipline. The advantage of this is that your child will have the ability of coming up with solutions for problems that he or she may encounter. Self defense classes do not concentrate in teaching children how to kick, how to punch or even how to defend themselves against attackers only but they impart knowledge allowing your child to make the smart choice when faced with a situation.

For example, one of the bullies may learn that your child attends self defense classes. Just to taunt him or her, they arrange a fight with one of their bullies. Thanks to the knowledge your child has learned, he she will take the high road – walk away from confrontation. Even as your child gets older, he or she will make smart decisions.

Final Thoughts

In a world where danger is lurking not only in the streets and schools but in homes too, enrolling your child in a self defense class is the smartest choice you will ever make. Not only will your child learn self discipline but he or she will develop confidence, assertiveness, learn respect, better communication, listening and social skills too.

That is not all.

Your child will learn how to make smart choices not only now but in the future too.

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